Location: Santa Teresa, Costa rica

Todays rating: 2 / 5

I went to costa rica because I was restless and in need of doing something different. I spent the last days in Lisbon wasting my time on video games, not going to the gym, eating bad food and not doing much. I then went to costa rica, I have been here now soon 2 week and all I have done is: surf, eat and sleep. In the beginning I slept in a hostel which was actually quite cool, met Juan a legend who I surfed with and that was fun. A true friend had we spoken the same language, he only knew a litle english and me only a litle spanish.

Costa rica is great, but not without great relationships. I miss travelling with either family or Victor. Its so important to be able to share memories with someone, without it its meaningless. Relationships are everything for internal happiness.

I have also layed a lot in bed watching movies and series which was great, also ate a lot of good food… but now im eager to get back into workout routine and sauna. What I want to cut out is the coffee, some reason it declines me off rest which I really need. I need to shut off after the morning rush to relax or do something fun.

Create a life in Lisbon you dont want one vacation day from – We need more fun and more connections. That should be our focus from now. Lisbon have the potentiol to be this kind of place and its already a great one. The only thing I need more off is connections and relaxing activities (or doing more of them)

My goals now is very similar as always:
Health: Jiu jitsu, go to gym and eat healthy

Wealth: Earn 3m a month, save 2 of them and get to 100m in stocks

Relationships: Study daygame and nightgame, go to meetups.

Mind: Read books instead of youtube and netflix

Fun: Go surfing and play piano